Happy Labor Day Y’all


To properly celebrate Labor Day we thought it was important to do the exact opposite of work! For us, this would mostly mean. . . Georgia, a big red truck, a water hose, some soap, and of course a super model!

Model Lizzy (@LizzieLuvs) climbs up on the hood of the truck and splashes around in her lime green one piece suit like its a bubble bath. Although it looks like she’s having a blast, she later admitted to how difficult it was to stay on the slippery, wet hood of the truck. Judging from the photos, we will go ahead and assume she was still having a blast. . . After all she was the one who came up with the idea in the first place. All provided by our friends at The Gold Rush Destinations and photographer @Meltechfoto who you can expect to see lots more of us working together. Follow them to keep up on the future events.

Here are some teasers from early in the event which you can expect to see more of soon.
Amber Quinn and Amy Nicole Moore breaking the “Don’t Feed The Models” rule!


Both Amber in Lizzie are in the Maxims finest running so be sure to show them some love and VOTE everyday!