Ashley Brady Is Such A Babe!

Hanging in Chatsworth, California with Ashley was a blast! Ashley first walked up with a full set of clothes on and introduced herself. A few minutes later she was in a sexy one piece body suit with a crowd watching her slay this shoot. We are Happy we got to make friends with this one! Ashley Brady is a 24 year old college student from Tampa, FL and one of the top webcam models on Chat Time Now.

Here is her full interview!  (Thank you to Vantage Models for having us!)

Q: What Made you want to become a webcam model?

A: Before I became a webcam model, I was really frustrated with my job (Manager at a Chick fil A). It was long shifts that interfered with my personal life and left me too exhausted to effectively pursue any real passion. I was working my ass off just to scrape by, and my job was really the center of my life, but I didn’t care about the job so I was really unfulfilled. When I first heard about webcam modeling, I was pretty interested. I have to admit, though, I was a little skeptical because of all the ads that say you can make like $10,000 a week. That’s ludicrous! ha, anyway I started moonlighting as a cam girl for a couple hours a day on top of my regular job just to check it out. Evidently, my moonlighting experiment went VERY well. I waited a couple months to see how consistent my income could be (it fluctuated, but averaged out to “really good”). And I finally quit my day job. OMG I can’t even tell you how relieved and empowered I felt!! It was fucking fantastic. I was free!

Q: How did your family and friends react to the career change?

A: One thing I was a little scared of was what other people would think of me if they found out about my new job. I mean, there’s definitely a social stigma associated with the adult industry. I kept webcamming a secret for as long as I could. Mostly with my family in mind. I grew up in a very strict, religious home that put a lot of emphasis on “right and wrong” and I knew they would be absolutely devastated if they found out. I love my family to death and did not want to see them hurt. But like anything, your secrets always come to light and it was an absolute shit show when it did. My parents forgave me half a year later and a few of my siblings still refuse to be in my life. I should also mention that my boyfriend was really supportive in all of this and is totally accepting of my career choice. My goal before that was to keep this part of my life a secret, but after my family found out it taught me that I NEVER want to keep a secret about anything ever again. It is so much better to own your shit and not worry about what other people think and in the long run it saves a lot of hurt for the people you really care about. When I tell people I webcam they’re usually shocked. For real, if you met me in real life you would never in a million years imagine that I’m a webcam model. I’m a little more shy and I guess I seem really innocent to most people. But I love the fact that I can now just embrace my career and my sexuality while ignoring all the bullshit assumptions people make about me.

Q: What are you passionate about? What do you think your future looks like?

A: Aside from being passionate merely by the fact that I am a human being, and I have a unique gift to offer the world, I would say breaking the down the sex shame females and males have to live with is another. I have always dreamed of helping people in some way, and I figured out what that was through webcamming. Since as far back as I can remember I was told having any sexual desire is bad or wrong. Being a webcam model I have been told I’m “disgusting, a slut, etc.” all because I’m comfortable with my sexuality and making a dime off of it. I don’t think there is anything morally wrong with what I do and I know it’s how I conduct myself within my business that speaks volumes. But I am beyond sick of the way society looks at females for pursuing their natural biological drive. You’d think after thousands of years of fetishizing female sexuality and female bodies that we might eventually evolve to a point in which female sexuality is seen as important or equal to that of a males. And it’s not just females that deal with this. I also see day in and day out on webcam, men that feel shamed for having a certain fetish or desire and resort to webcam models because it’s the only place they feel it will be accepted. Not accepted by their partner or society as it should be. So feet turn you on? Embrace that shit! It’s nothing to feel ashamed about! That being said, I’m in the process of getting a degree in sex therapy. I don’t see myself sitting in an office helping couples improve their sex life, but rather speaking to large groups of women and men about embracing their sexuality and improving their sex lives. I want to parlay my hopefully even more successful modeling career into putting out related content about my passion that will help other and help society evolve a little quicker.

Q: So what are your turn ons and turn offs?

A: Two things that are turn ons for me are people that can take charge and people that can have fun. It’s mostly all mental for me as with every other female on the planet. I’m surprisingly submissive when it comes to sex considering I’m so independent in my day to day life. So someone that can take charge and be decisive not only in bed but also in life is a huge turn on for me. On cam you don’t know somebody’s life so roleplaying boss and secretary (letting me be the submissive secretary) is a turn on. Another turn on is people that can have fun. I overthink shit quite a bit and sometimes it prevents me from having as much fun as I could be having. If I have a guy or girl that can come up to me and talk about something completely random and nonsensical like Cardi B’s ass, I start laughing, stop thinking, and get turned on. It’s all about keeping the vibe up. Turn offs are just the opposite of my turn ons. If you’re a needy guy or start a conversation with me asking about where my grandparents live or where I grew up…I will stay stuck in my head and you’ll never have a chance. On cam I do a lot of dominatrix type roleplays and have a few online “pets”. While I love to and do satisfy my fans, it’s not a huge turn on for me to be the dominant role.

Q: What do you like about modeling?

A: I only just started modeling for photographers and I realized I really enjoy it. I want to keep doing it more for fun and if it turns into something more professional than great! I have a lot to learn, but I love learning poses and seeing how my body can move. Learning how to make myself look more sexy in front of a camera. It pushes me way out of my comfort zone but has ultimately made me feel more confident because of it.