Barfoot & Free, Island Living.


The title says it all. We caught up with Stephanie just one week before her big move to Hawaii. And it would be hard to argue that its not the perfect place for her to be! Full of bright sunshine, energy and all around good vibes! We cannot wait to come hang with you in Hawaii!

Learn more about Stephanie in her Anchorr interview below & be sure to follow her @Stephanie_delatorre

Q. What got you started in modeling?

A. I’ve always had a love for fashion, photography and being creative. I would find myself at the beach every day, constantly having mini photo shoots with my friends in a bikini and looking like a salty beach bum. I started professional modeling when I was 18. My really good photographer friend, Graham Oakley (instagram: @gophotos_ ) invited me to be a part of his nude photography book called, “Trust.” Trust defines the beauty of women in every shape, size, and skin. After being a part of Trust, I was super comfortable with who I was and trying new things. I did not think I was going to go far with my modeling career, but social media plays a huge role. It’s all about having fun with yourself and loving what you do. I do modeling for amazing companies like Anchorr, GWorld Intimate Lingerie, Skinzwear Swimwear, and Wing House. In the modeling industry I’ve learned to never give up in life because the minute you do, is the minute you loose your opportunity. Everyone will have their own opinions and that’s a totally normal thing, but what should matter is yours. If you like it and it makes you happy then I encourage you to do it. Don’t always look at the outcome or big picture because that’s when people get scared. There’s a lot of competition out there and you just have to keep on going and fighting back. The fashion and modeling industry is tough, you either have it or you don’t.

Working with Anchorr has been an amazing opportunity that I am forever thankful for. Anchorr is such a fun and unique brand that I love representing. Collaborating with Anchorr has been such a cool experience and I am super excited for the future!

Q. Age

A. 19, Scorpio baby

Q. What is your nationality?

A. Cuban American

Q. Favorite music type?

A. Reggae and Spanish

Q. What are your hobbies?

A. Going out with my friends, going to the beach, doing photo shoots, traveling, spending time with my cats and dogs

Q. Turn ons?

A.  blonde hair, blue eyes, shares their food (lol), animal lover, comprehends my Spanglish slang and does not criticize

Q. Turn offs?

A. bad breath, unhealthy food style, uses a lot of profanity, disrespectful, gets super mad and start a fit when I try to pay the bill at dinner (I like to take turns and be fair. Men are human, not money tree)

Q. What type of personality would you say you are?

A. outgoing, loving, the “mom” in the group, very fun and active. I’m very carefree living although I like to keep things organized and make sure I can live another tomorrow

Q. Whats your biggest pet peeve:

A. I love modeling and what I do, but the MOST annoying thing someone can ever say that I hear a lot is; “you’re a model. He doesn’t deserve you. You have other guys begging for you and you’re so effing hot, you deserve better.” Like thanks for calling me hot, but modeling doesn’t buy your way into someone’s life or heart. What do you tell a girl to feel better if she’s not a model? …

Q. Worst job?

A. Never experienced that. If I don’t like it, I change it or leave. Why be miserable when money doesn’t last forever.

Q. Dream job?

A. I already have my future real career planned out. But what I would call a dream job is travel around the world, live a hippy beach lifestyle, and try new food and meet new people.

Q. How would you describe your body type?

A. I’ve always been really tiny but I accept who I am. Middle school and high school is where people decide to bash on you, but I didn’t let that affect me. I don’t discriminate, but you can’t help yourself the way you were born so why spread hate and jealousy. I’m a boob job away from a MILF. But I’m never going to do it, so I’ll never be one. I’m happy the way I am. Thanks mom and dad for the good genes.