Kendra Sunderland BTS With Playboy.


Earlier this year Oregan State University hottie Kendra Sunderland took off all her clothes in the library of Oregan State for the sake of giving her webcam wiewers an amazing show. The webcam starlet unfortunately got in a lot of trouble with the law because of it.

Sunderland stated in the video below she got into doing webcam work because she was sick of not having a job. She was making decent money doing webcam videos inside her room, but found out she could make even more doing her sexy cam routine in a public place; so logically she showed her goods at the library of the university.

Now Sunderland didn’t take off her clothes in the middle of the library – she went in late at night, found a hidden area and performed her show. It was actually a couple of months after the video that her performance went viral, appearing on PornHub and circulating around campus. She stated the police came to her home and fined her with the possibility of serving jail time. She was also not only expelled from the university but can’t even go on campus.

It’s not all bad, this hot blonde made a huge jumpstart in her career because of her viral vid. She now does professional photoshoots and has multiple business opportunities lined up for her.

Sometimes getting in trouble with the law for the sake of nice boobs isn’t always a bad thing.

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