Pause, and treat yo self to @icecreamandcupcake


Things we love:
1. Strong beautiful women.
2. Incredible art
3. Strong beautiful women that make incredible art.

Guys, is she real? All signs point to yes. Before I dive into more about this gem lets take a second to stare in awe at some of her work.

I know, I know, WHO IS SHE?!

Her name is Mallory Dawn. She is a Las Vegas native, with many pieces around the city. I was pleasantly surprised to see a few pieces that were recognizable from our Fremont street experience shoot in April with Glam By Alicia xo Check out this jam at The Plaza in Downtown Las Vegas.

Mallory also has a website that you can check out HERE. Here is a little exerpt from her About me page that literally couldn’t have been written any better.

“Since her earliest works, Mallory Dawn has set her designs on exploring emotions that defy the superficial. Her original choice of a black and white pallette was to depict real women and men, while turning a blind eye to skin color or physical attributes. Building on this idea, her signature style has incorporated 2D patterns from the post-modern era. By juxtaposing this texture over her classic portraits, she highlights her own fascination and self-taught devotion to various cultures and countries. These representations are intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for less understood characteristics in world history.”

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Did we mention that she is also stunning? Few things are more attractive than a boss woman with major goals, and an incredible talent. Except maybe when they also take photos like these. . .

Aahhh, a woman after our hearts obviously. Cue up Dream Weaver.

As always, we super recommend giving her a follow. Her insta hasn’t let us down yet.