The Future Is FEMALE!


Kelsey Martinez ! ! ! The 26 year old, Colorado State University graduate has been hired as the first female assistant coach for the Oakland Raiders, according to the franchise. Her male colleagues have thanked her for inspiring their daughters. “That’s when it started to hit: ‘Oh, wow. This is a big deal.’”

This is definitely a big deal! In a day where we are watching women smash down barriers & boundaries in all areas. It is inspiring to see a male dominated league get their doors kicked in by a young woman. It falls right in line with the Oakland Raiders as they seem to set the standard for trailblazing moves. They also hired Art Shell as the league’s first black coach and first Tom Flores as the league’s first Hispanic coach.

A message accompanies Martinez’ journey.

It can apply to any gender.

“Don’t create limits on yourself,” Martinez said. “There’s many excuses or whatever that can be made, but at the end of the day, what do you love to do? I was able to find what I love to do, and that’s working for Jon Gruden every day. ‘Do you love football?’ That’s his number one question. Do you love football? Do you love what you do? Why limit yourself or who you are if that’s what you want?

“I didn’t let that try to ever stop me. More than anything, I’m thinking of how young I am coming in here versus me being a girl. You can’t limit yourself.”

– Keep Pushin’ Kelsey, We are excited for the season to start up!
And one more thing. . . Zero social media for this girl! We have to say that this makes you a million times more awesome and badass, however, we would love to see you a little more often. Mostly because of all the things we just wrote, but also because we have a crush on you!